This Is Awkward: Two Actresses Wear the Same Ted Baker Top at One Event!

Who knew that a 26-year-old actress could share the same fashion wavelength with a 13-year-old? Apparently, it can happen and the perfect example of which is actress Holland Roden wearing the same exact top as young actress Bailee Madison at the 2013 Young Hollywood Awards.

Both Holland and Bailee wore a Ted Baker ‘Edryss’ oil-painted floral printed top, which they also both paired with a matching bottom. Well at least they did differ when it came to the bottom since Holland opted for the matching pants, while Bailee went for a more ladylike look with a full skirt.

We can imagine that this might have been kind of an awkward situation but they both did rock their respective looks so it doesn’t really matter, right?

holland-roden-bailee-madison(L-R) Holland Roden and Bailee Madison at the 2013 Young Hollywood Awards at The Broad Stage in Los Angeles, CA — 01 August 2013

Holland and Bailee aren’t the first celebrities to wear this in-demand Ted Baker print and they’ll probably won’t be the last. No surprise there because who can resist this gorgeous print?

Check out this ‘Edryss’ printed sweater and see if this also fits your style this season just like with Holland and Bailee:

ted-baker-edryss-topTed Baker ‘Edryss’ Oil Painting Print Jumper, £99.00

If you’re looking for more summer-ready tops that also feature this gorgeous oil painting print, then these airier and breezier tops below might do the trick as well:

ted-baker-osskar-topTed Baker ‘Osskar‘ Oil Painting Print Tee, £45.00

ted-baker-anina-topTed Baker ‘Anina’ Oil Painting Top, £89.00

Credit: Apega/Brian To/
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