Jessica Alba Takes Batman Out on Her Errands

The cutest little doting mom Jessica Alba was spotted running her errands in West Hollywood just a few days ago. The actress-turned-author stepped out of her car with the handles of her bag tucked into the crook of her arm and coffee in hand. She conversed with a person out on the street before she spotted the cameras.

Jessica’s style has always veered more towards the feminine side, opting for flowy tops, printed pants or billowy maxi skirts and dresses, so it’s quite refreshing to see her in something that’s not usually up in her alley. Aside from her ability to turn sweatpants into something really chic (if you don’t believe us, stop reading and scroll down to see her amazeballs talent), the actress wore a *gasp* graphic tee. While the overall execution was still pretty much feminine, we can’t get over the fact that Jessca Alba actually put on a graphic tee, and of Batman, at that.

Jessica Alba in Zoe Karssen TeeJessica Alba running errands in West Hollywood, Los Angeles – 10 July 2013

Okay, so maybe Zoe Karssen did not exactly plaster a comic book rendition of Batman on one of her tees but rather a chic caricature version of him, which in general makes the look easier to pull off. But still, Jessica Alba, graphic tee, sweatpants and stylish all in one sentence? Some form of sorcery definitely happened here. Jessica pulled the entire look together with an oversized watch, hat, sunnies, a striped scarf, and a pair of lace flats. Voila! I present to you, my dear ladies, a look we’d like to dub as errand-fierce.

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Zoe Karssen Tee The End Oversized Loose FitZoe Karssen Tee – The End Oversized Loose Fit, $66.00 (before: $88.00)

Photo Credit: Owen Beiny/