Our Top 10 Fashion Blogger Top Posts for July 2013 — Part 2

Continuing from part 1 of our top 10 top posts by fashion bloggers, below are the rest of them in their own striking ensembles. Check them out and see if you’re favorite fashion blogger is in our list.

6. Stephanie Huang from California

If you’re into layering outfits but the warm weather isn’t letting you wear such, then you’ve got to have this net shirt slash dress that Stephanie was wearing. It’s like a see-through top, actually! A bralet and a skirt perfected her getup as the net added dimension to her look. It’s sexy but still, modesty remains.

This gal got some edgy style! Go check her out at highstitchedvoice.

Stephanie Huang

7. Klaudia Wojtacka from Poland

Klaudia looks so sexy in this tiffany-colored top. Although it’s plain at the front, the oversized armholes and laced back in black are what we love most about this top. They’re simple and yet very sexy; perfect for the summer weather!

See her and her stylish partner’s styles at phantasymore.

Klaudia Wojtacka

8. Adriana Gastelum from Mexico

Crop tops are so hot this season; and fashion blogger Adriana knows it! She loves this crop top so much and we have to admit that us, too, have been wanting it! It may be plain in white but the silhouette is very edgy! Moreover, since it’s in a classic color, this can surely be paired up with anything. And as for her case, she matched it with her black and white printed trousers. Can this be any trendier?

We do love this look a lot, and we’re sure you’re gonna love more of her at fake-leather.

Adriana Gastelum

9. Marketa Bartova from Czech Republic

A loose button down shirt could instantly set real style, and Marketa has shown it in this look. Aside from being oversized, her shirt also comes in striking orang-ey shade. Pairing it up with skimpy shorts and boots and adding up a braided headpiece completes a chic Bohemian-inspired look. Love it?

You better visit her blog at marketabartova to see more of her!

Markéta Bártová

10. Patricia Do Nascimento from Switzerland

Black and white for summer? Why not? Like many of us (as well as other style bloggers), Patricia also loves black and white combination. And while spending summer in Dubai, she wore this very summery animal-print top with skimpy white cutoffs. Don’t you just love the zebra print? This effortless look is so sexy, and her top is just so fierce!

Check her out at pashionality for more!

Patricia Do Nascimento