Our Top 10 Fashion Blogger Top Posts for June 2013 — Part 2

Here’s the rest of our top 10 fashion bloggers for June 2013. If you haven’t seen our Part 1, you better check it out, too!

As we mentioned, many fashion bloggers wore black-and-white, and we’re going to showcase some of them here. Some printed tops and a summer tank are also included. Scroll down to see them below:

6. Oksana Orehhova from Tallinn, Estonia

This is one lovely top that could surely catch attention. It’s not bright, it’s not flashy but the oversized black leather bow design against the crisp white sleeveless top is so charming. The soft pleating also adds more femininity and style! Moreover, her soft make up and very girly lip shade also complements her overall charm!

Love this look? You have to see more of her lovely styles at fashionsecrets-oksana.

Oksana Orehhova



7. Veronica P from Pennsylvania, United States

Printed ensemble is a must-have this season, and Veronica is clearly into the summer mood in this getup. Her easy-breezy getup, which includes an orange top with green palm tree prints, printed cuffed trousers and black sandals, look great altogether. Although the prints are different, they still complement each other well.

Check out her eclectic style at bittersweetcolours.

Veronica P


8. Mafalda M. from Portugal

How about a dramatic look with the help of the popular aztec print? Check out Mafalda in her black and white aztec print bustier, which she paired with a black maxi skirt and styled with a wide-brimmed hat. Love the look?

See her unique styles at be-your-own-hero-now.


Mafalda M


9. G. Cihc from Milan, Italy

Black and white, stripes, polka dots and multicolor floral prints— these are some of the on-trend designs you’ll see these days; and all these are combined in G. Cihc’s top. Yup, everything is on this sheer blouse. And while many think such won’t work, surprisingly, they do look great altogether. She said she wore this to a meeting, which required her to wear something formal. But since she does not settle for anything ordinary, she chose this top, which is indeed extra fab!

This doll isn’t afraid to try different, bold designs. See what else she’s got at thecihc.

G Cihc


10. Samii Ryan from United States

Here’s another black and white look in our top 10 list. Samii Ryan chose the popular checkered design, which we’ve been seeing on celebrities. Aside from the trendy design, it’s also cropped, which is another popular trend for summer.

This is how to show a rocking look this new season! See more of her fearless styles at wwhatshewore.

Samii Ryan


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