Too Cute or Too Much? Has Rihanna Gone Overboard with Her Marijuana Shirt?

We generally laud Rihanna for her unconventional fashion choices. She goes for bold pieces that guarantee all eyes in the room trained on her. Sure she occasionally misses with so many things going on in her outfit but it’s her over-all demeanor that often gets to us.

But has Riri gone overboard with her latest take to casual fashion?


RihannaRihanna leaving her hotel, to perform for the second night at the Ziggo Dome, as part of her Diamonds World Tour. Rihanna was wearing a T-shirt with the words “High Fashion” written underneath a picture of a Marajuna leaf, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 06/24/2013

At first glance, it’s just a simple white tee with rolled up sleeves and a colorful heart printed on the upper left corner. But if you look closely, it has the image of a marijuana leaf printed on it with the words “High Fashion” labeled at the bottom.

This isn’t the first time Rihanna sports pot-themed clothing. She has done so in the past without remorse. Now before we go judging her about how she influences people to patronize the controversial drug, marijuana is actually legal in Amsterdam. This could be her way of ingratiating herself on the good, music-loving people of Netherlands.

As for us, we are setting aside the issue of the print and focusing on the over-all outfit. We thought Rihanna did a splendid job making the basic white tee look stylish by pairing it up with pleated leather skirt and converse sneakers.

The “Diamonds” singer gave it a more “high fashion flair by wearing chunky, statement-making accessories like her cluster of gold bracelets, big rings and very noticeable necklace. She also donned a hat and a pair of sunglasses.

As for the question too cute or too much, we are leaning more towards the former just because she really looks good in this, marijuana print or no marijuana print.

If you think wearing the exact same shirt is too much, go ahead and assemble this ensemble with these tamer, basic white shirts:

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These shirts will also look great when paired with high-waisted leather skirts and high top sneakers.

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