Miranda Kerr Is Chic & Fierce in Leopard-Print Shirt

Miranda Kerr never fails to show us her incredible taste in fashion wherever she goes. Recently, she was seen transforming the JFK airport into her very own runway! We totally love her effortless chic look which is composed of high-waisted jeans, ballet flats, Michael Kors neon purse, Chanel sunglasses, and leopard-print top.

Check her out:

Miranda Kerr JFK Airport1Miranda Kerr arrives at JFK Airport in New York City on June 14, 2013

A lot of fashionistas have been wearing leopard prints be it on flats, sandals or jeans. We have also seen many leopard-print tops and dresses; however, there’s something about Miranda’s top that makes it so unique and I think it has something to do with the color or perhaps it’s just in the way Miranda wore it.

Anyway, the shirt is made of silk and it features all-over leopard-print design showing nude, black and neon combination. This button-down shirt has a chest pocket, too, but it’s not that visible because of the prints.

Want to have this top? You can get them from Asos for $466.68 and from Net-a-Porter for $246.

Equipment Brett Silk Leopard Shirt

Equipment Brett Silk Leopard Shirt2

Equipment Brett Silk Leopard ShirtEquipment “Brett” Silk Leopard Shirt

You can also get them in bright white version from Nordstrom for $248 and from Shopbop for $284.34.

Equipment Brett ShirtEquipment “Brett” Shirt

Photo Credit: TNYF/WENN.com