Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Top for May 2013 — Part 1

In less than a month, most of us will be experiencing summer. The hot weather calls for an easy breezy look. This means jackets and coats are out while loose, casual, and skin-revealing outfits are in! This is exactly what most fashion bloggers have been showing recently.

Actually, some of them have already started strutting in their summer outfits since April. And for the month of May, fashionistas have gone bolder and more summery-looking!

Since the month is now coming to an end, we’ve already concluded our list of stylish tops, which were worn by fashion bloggers, that got us hooked.

1. Ruxandra Ioana from Romania (currently living in Belgium)

Scuba tops are so in these days. However, it’s the style that best fits skinny or perhaps even toned bodies. Just take a look at Ruxandra of from-brussels-with-love. This pretty doll here sure got a nice body and obviously, her scuba top fits her perfectly. Aside from its on-trend style, the cropped effect and the black-and-white aztec-like prints are also hot today!

We love how she styled the top with grey skirt that features a thigh-high slit and with a pair of white sandals, which are a replica of Alexander Wang’s heels. This is indeed summery-chic but still very posh.

Ruxandra IoanaRuxandra Ioana in scuba top

2. Ola R. from Warsaw

“Simple but comfortable” and “perfect for the weather.” This is how Ola of szafa-oli described her look here. Clearly, this outfit is so cool you’d want to rock them for the entire hot season! Her loose sleeveless top in white is perfect and undoubtedly comfy plus the addition of the extra long fringes surrounding the hem simply makes this an eye-catching piece.

While it would also look good with jeans, pairing it with denim cutoffs and sneakers adds more coolness!

Ola ROla R. in fringed top

3. Katerina Stavreva from New York

Someone must be feeling cold in the Big Apple. If you’re into layering of clothes, you better take it from Katerina of 2frumps. She wore layered tops earlier this month, but still, her multicolored top, which she wore last, is summer-lovin’! The sleeveless top features pretty interesting swirls in blue and gold with coral insets. It surely looked perfect with her blue jeans, right?

This pretty gal showed how layering is done in style. Under her sleeveless top is a black-and-white patterned dress, which is obviously peeking! Not only that, she also wore a jacket to top off her look.

Katerina StavrevaKaterina Stavreva in multicolored top

4. Annika Schmidt from Germany

As previously mentioned, aztec prints are so in today. And here, Annika of annimierdame showed how she styles it. Her top was actually like a long tank top. It’s just simple but the aztec prints in different colors make this top undoubtedly trendy! Pairing it with colored jeans (just like hers in pink) and with gladiator heels makes the entire ensemble in style for the season.

Annika SchmidtAnnika Schmidt in aztec top

5. Henar Vicente from Spain

This is definitely one of our favorites. Henar of ohmyvogue thought this top is the perfect summer top; and we couldn’t agree more! It’s so cool because apart from its see-through style, it’s also loose in silhouette and it has a pretty scalloped hem. Aside from these features, what made us love this top more are the bright and colorful sequins that sparkle especially when light strikes them! Just take a look at how sparkling the sequins are in Henar’s photos.

Pairing this top with coral pants was just flawless, too!

Henar VicenteHenar Vicente in sheer sequined top

 Stay tuned for our part 2. You don’t want to miss it!