Courtney Stodden: Sizzling Hot in Pink Tube Top or Not?

We don’t quite know what to make of Courtney Stodden. The aspiring singer first made entertainment headlines when she married 52-year old actor Doug Hutchison when she was only 16. It’s so easy to dismiss her as an attention-seeker who just wants her own 15-minutes of fame, but her marriage has lasted 2 years and that’s practically a lifetime by Hollywood standards.

Now 18, Courtney has already appeared in VH1′s reality TV show, Couples Therapy. Last week, Courtney admitted to E! Online that she has a sex tape, but claimed she has no plans of releasing it. Clearly, the young actress is highly-sexualized, but now that she is an ‘adult’ no one can question her decisions.

Courtney-Stodden-and-Krista-Keller- Sighted-Leaving- the-Cheecake- Factory-at-The- Grove-on-May-18-2013-Winston-BurrisCourtney Stodden Sighted Leaving the Cheecake Factory at The Grove on May 18, 2013

No one can even question her fashion choices, or why after 2 years of being a celebrity, she insists on wearing those skyscraper lucite heels. Don’t even get us started on her hot pink tube top. We hope Courtney doesn’t go Pamela Anderson’s way and continue to dress like that three decades from now.

Below are a few style recommendations for Courtney. She loves tube tops so we’ll give her that, but there are ways to look fresh and young in tube tops as you’ll see below:

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Credit: Winston Burris/