10 Peplum Tops to Wear This Summer

We haven’t seen the last of the peplum trend yet. In fact, this is the perfect time to jump in and have a taste of its popularity. There are so many adorable peplum tops today that you will find hard not to fall in love with.

Go check out these Shopbop finds:

1. DKNY Peplum Blouse, $172.00

DKNY Peplum Blouse

How refreshing is it to lay your eyes on this bubblegum pink peplum creation? It has a loose peplum shape that is fitting for incredibly warm days. I say go wear this with a pair of lemon yellow shorts.

2. Rebecca Taylor Tweed V Neck Peplum, $350.00

Rebecca Taylor Tweed V Neck Peplum

Cool down in a white-on-white ensemble. Try this tweed peplum top from Rebecca Taylor. It is worth the price because the design is timeless and versatile.

3. Nicholas Tapestry Print Peplum Top, $259.00

Nicholas Tapestry Print Peplum Top

Tapestry material for a peplum top? It’s something unusual, isn’t it? I bet vintage style aficionados will find this top irresistible.

4. Nonoo Botanical Print Peplum Blouse, $280.00

Nonoo Botanical Print Peplum Blouse

If you ever get tired of the same old prints on blouses, get this. It has quirky tropical paradise prints such as palm trees and pineapples.

5. Alice + Olivia Regina Peplum Top, $198.00

Alice + Olivia Regina Peplum Top

It’s all about pastel colors with the Regina peplum top. Get this in Sky Light Aqua or Peach Melba color. Personally, I’m eyeing the aqua one. Work it with faded denim pants.

6. Alice + Olivia Pantsy Peplum Top, $198.00

Alice + Olivia Pantsy Peplum Top

Who says you can only wear peplum tops with skinny jeans? Wear it with A-line skirts, circle skirts or pleated skirts! It has that layered look that works well with many physiques. Check out this collared top from Alice + Olivia!

7. Elkin Kitty Peplum Top, $165.00

Elkin Kitty peplum Top

More florals, please! One with subtle colors such as this should be a great addition to your wardrobe.

8. Joy Cioci Lucy Neoprene Peplum Top, $396.00

Joy Cioci Lucy Neoprene Peplum Top

An edgy and wildcard choice like this neoprene beauty can be paired up with equally edgy pieces like a leather skirt or leather skinny pants.

9. Three Floor Sensation Peplum Top, $359.00

Three Floor Sensation Peplum Top

I have serious love for this embellished Three Floor creation. The silhouette isn’t your average peplum silhouette. And with those jewels and rivets on it, you’d never lack in style while wearing this.

10. Townsen Moonshadow Peplum Top, $110.00

Townsen Moonshadow Peplum Top

Go casual in this ombre peplum top. Wouldn’t you prefer wearing something like this when you go visiting fairs or amusement parks this summer?

There you have it ladies! I hope these 10 peplum tops made you anticipate summer.

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