Meet the Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of February 2013

Many fashion blogs have showcased really chic tops for this month, and a great number of them deserve to be featured here. Narrowing the list down to 10 was not an easy task, but here are your top bloggers for February:

1. Olivia from Sydney, Australia

Not everyone can wear this lace top like Olivia. It’s a high-neck lace top that features cut-away shoulders and cropped length. Olivia managed to carry it really nice and sexy, and it looked like the entire ensemble was so ready for spring.

Check out more of Olivia’s look as well as some other interesting tops at SPSBoutique.

Olivia in Lace Top

2. Daniela Ramirez from Venezuela

Here’s an edgy and sweet monotone look by Daniela Ramirez. Her top is so sexy as it features cut-away shoulders and a slit. Usually, slits on tops appear around the chest area, but Daniela’s top has a slit just across the tummy. Interesting, huh? Her black pleather skirt and fedora hat added style edge to the entire look.

She may be from Venezuela, but Daniela is currently living in Miami. If you’re wondering how a fashion blogger from Miami dresses, you better take a look at how she does it on her blog, Nany’s Klozet.

Daniel Ramirez in Slit Top

3. Kryz Uy from Manila/Cebu, Philippines

We can’t help but feature two interesting tops from Kryz Uy. She actually has a lot of stylish tops and dresses  on her blog, Thirsty Thought; below are two that stood out.

The first top is in emerald green. It features window mesh panels, making it sexy but still sophisticated. The shade is so elegant, and Kryz made the look even more luxurious with her gold leather skirt and other gold accessories. We so love the color combination in this outfit.

Kryz Uy in Emerald Fantasia Top

Contrary to the one above, this second look is rather cute and playful. It’s very summery actually. She wore a yellow cropped top that is tied at the back, creating a lovely bow design. She paired it with a floral skirt, red heart Melissa heels, and matching sunglasses.

Kryz Uy in Yellow Cropped Top

4. Izzy Bea from Australia

Izzy Bea knows that some think double denim is a no-no in fashion, but she’s taking it as a challenge with this kind of outfit. It’s surprising that it looks really good! It’s laid-back, but you know it’s stylish. The patchwork design, which shows different shades of denim, is rugged but not heavy. Her entire ensemble is perfect for strolling or running errands in a stylish way.

Get to know more of Izzy B’s style at IzzyBea.

Izzy Bea in Patchwork Denim Top

5. Aleksandra Najda from Warsaw, Poland

Sweet and sassy. Marie Antoinette’s top is elegant in royal blue. Also, the peplum style is still hot today, so this top truly deserves a spot on our top 10 list. Moreover, aside from the color and the style of this top, the pearl embellishments at the shoulders were undoubtedly a plus.

Take a look at Aleksandra’s diverse fashion at Marie Antoinette.

Aleksandra Marie Antoinette Najda in Peplum Top

6. Camille Co from Manila, Philippines

Camille Co showed her sexy back in a black top. Well, yes, it’s just a top teamed with a black maxi skirt. We so love how she made it look like a dress that’s perfect for an evening soiree. The cropped top features cutouts and straps that tease.

You can visit her blog, Camille Tries to Blog, for more of her interesting styles.

Black Sexy Maxi Skirt

7. Jessica R. from South Bay Area, California

Jessica R. is lovely, isn’t she? This is the look that’s perfect for the love month. Her floral top is sweet and sexy, and she wore it with a pair of girly pink jeans. Her gold accessories, gold heels, and purple bag also made the look sassy.

Jessica’s blog is a must-see! She got plenty of styles from casual to formal. Check her out on Hapa Time.


8. Tanya from Kazan, Russia

Who doesn’t love color-blocking? Tanya made it to our list because of this. We love the combination of colors in this ensemble. She chose a very edgy top and matched it with blue pants, pink purse, and black shoes. Her blue earrings as well as her pink lips and nails really complemented the outfit.

This girl loves colors. Take a look at her blog called Tini-Tani to see more of her unique looks.


9. Zoe Suen from Hong Kong

Sheer tops are cool, breezy, and trendy. Zoe Suen styled hers as chic, cool, and sassy. Her look would be perfect for spring.

Check out her eclectic fashion style at Fashiononymous.


10. Lara Rose from Netherlands

Lara Rose is, without a doubt, a pretty gal. She made it to our top 10 list not only because of that but also because of her unique denim-on-tulle-skirt ensemble shown below. The ruffles and layering on her skirt may be over-the-top but pairing it with a simple, casual denim top made the entire look just perfect. Her denim blouse is so versatile that you can wear it with skirts, jeans, and shorts. Such a denim blouse is a must for every stylish girl.

Be captivated by this blogger’s beauty and style on Lara Rose.


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