Fall 2011 Fashion Trend: Bold Color Mixes

Last time, we shared with you one of fall’s fashion trends, and we promised to share more. Now, we’re back to fulfill that promise and present you with boldness, vibrance and energy! With this season’s fashion, it will be hard for you to just be a wall flower. Instead of getting lost in a sea of people, you’ll stand out. But trust us, you won’t be sticking out like a sore thumb because you’ll catch attention in a very good, desirable way.

Have you guessed by now what this new trend is? If you’ve got a personality that says, “Hey, look at me,” then this fashion trend will speak to you. In fact, if you’ve got that much personality, this may very well be your fashion statement season after season.

We won’t keep you in suspense much longer. Just be ready for fall to make your life oh-so-vivid with Bold Color Mixes.

Joie 'Louvre' Silk Blouse Joie ‘Louvre’ Silk Blouse, $208.00

Parker Silk TopParker Silk Top, $154.00

Diane von Furstenberg 'Handy' Silk BlouseDiane von Furstenberg ‘Handy’ Silk Blouse, $265.00

Bailey 44 Draped Knit TopBailey 44 Draped Knit Top, $118.00

Parker 'Cascade' Silk BlouseParker ‘Cascade’ Silk Blouse, $187.00

Haute Hippie Silk Wrap Blouse

Haute Hippie Silk Wrap Blouse, $265.00

Pleione Colorblock TopPleione Colorblock Top, $39.00

This trend has been seen on Fall 2011 fashion shows and is brought to us by the famous seller of all things fashionable, a trusted fashion authority, Nordstrom. Yes, all of those bold, vibrant-colored tops whose pictures you see above are available at Nordstrom, which is just waiting for you to hop over to its site and start shopping.

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